Child Care Centers in Loveland – Getting to Know All About Kids

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Child Care Centers in Loveland – Getting to Know All About Kids

If you’re the hard-working parent of a 6 week old, 12 year old or a child anywhere in between, you deserve more than just a place for your child to go. You deserve a Loveland child care center that provides a dynamic environment for every child who attends. At All About Kids, we’re proud to offer that exact type of environment.

Instead of simply being a child care facility, we are a comprehensive learning center. One of the many traits that makes our learning center unique is we emphasize play. The reason we believe so strongly in play is countless child development studies have found that it’s one of the absolute best ways for children to learn.

We Have a Truly Great Team

Every member of our team understands the big impact play can have on kids. That’s why they work hard on daily basis to provide the kids who come to our learning center with great activities. Through these types of activities, kids are able to build important traits like individuality, initiative, and autonomous thinking.

As a child builds these traits, it helps them to feel happy, confident and secure. These are also the types of traits that play a major role in long-term success. The team at All About Kids Learning Center in Loveland is always focused on helping kids reach their full potential.

Our Approach to Infant Daycare, Preschool Curriculum and More

Another trait that makes our learning center perfect for kids of all ages is we have great curriculum programs for each group. With our infant daycare, we’re able to provide an environment that’s safe, healthy and well-balanced. Once kids progress to our 18 months baby care center, their six-month curriculum focuses on making choices.

Our early preschool curriculum supports potty training, fine motor skills and more. Then as kids progress into the 3 to 4 year old range, they will engage in many forms of play designed to promote letter recognition, number recognition and early writing skills.

We support initiative and autonomous thinking in school-age kids by giving them the opportunity to contribute to the process of planning some of their activities. And with all ages of kids, we have active lessons about caring for the environment.

We’re able to offer lots of environmental engagement thanks to being one of the only green child care centers in the US. Through ongoing activities like recycling, our kids learn exactly what it takes to be excellent stewards of the planet.

If you want to learn all the specifics of our curriculum for your child’s age group and see the green features of our learning center, we always welcome new parent visitors! It’s easy to schedule a tour directly through our website.


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